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Installing on NVIDIA Jetson

This guide will help you install the Groundlight SDK on NVIDIA Jetson devices. The Groundlight SDK requires Python 3.7 or higher.


Ensure that you have the following installed on your NVIDIA Jetson:

  • Python 3.7 or higher
  • pip (Python package installer)

Basic Installation

Assuming you have Python 3.7 or higher installed on your NVIDIA Jetson, you can proceed with the following steps to install or upgrade the Groundlight SDK:

Installing Groundlight SDK

To install the Groundlight SDK using pip, run the following command in your terminal:

pip3 install groundlight

An ARM-compatible version will automatically get installed. The Groundlight SDK is now installed and ready for use.

Using RTSP Streams

If you have docker installed on your NVIDIA Jetson, you can even just run

docker run groundlight/stream

as we publish an ARM version of our streaming application to Docker Hub.

Sample application

For a complete end-to-end example of running on an NVIDIA Jetson, see this GitHub repo.

Ready to go!

You're now ready to start using the Groundlight SDK in your projects. For more information on using the SDK, refer to the API Tokens and [Building Applications