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Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Modern natural language-based computer vision is transforming industrial and manufacturing applications by enabling more intuitive interaction with automation systems. Groundlight offers cutting-edge computer vision technology that can be seamlessly integrated into various industrial processes, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and quality control.

Machine Tending

Groundlight's computer vision technology can assist in automating machine-tending tasks, such as loading and unloading materials in CNC machines, milling centers, or injection molding equipment. By enabling robots to recognize parts and tools using natural language, complex machine-tending tasks become more accessible and efficient.

Process Automation

Integrating Groundlight's computer vision into your process automation systems can help identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and reduce manual intervention. Our technology can work hand-in-hand with robotic systems to perform tasks like sorting, assembly, all while interpreting natural language commands to streamline operations.

Quality Control

Groundlight's computer vision technology can play a vital role in ensuring the highest quality standards in your manufacturing processes. By identifying defects or irregularities in products, our computer vision system can help maintain strict quality control, reducing the need for manual inspections and increasing overall product quality.

Integration with Cobots and CNC Machines

Groundlight's computer vision technology can be easily integrated with popular cobot robotic arms, such as Universal Robots, to enhance their capabilities and improve collaboration between humans and robots. Additionally, our technology can be integrated into existing CNC machines or other devices using the Modbus interface, allowing for seamless communication and control within your manufacturing environment.

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