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Sample Applications

Explore these GitHub repositories to see examples of Groundlight-powered applications:

Groundlight Stream Processor


The Groundlight Stream Processor is an easy-to-use Docker container for analyzing RTSP streams or common USB-based cameras. You can run it with a single Docker command, such as:

docker run stream:local --help

Arduino ESP32 Camera Sample App


This sample application allows you to build a working AI vision detector using an inexpensive WiFi camera. With a cost of under $10, you can create a powerful and affordable AI vision system.

Raspberry Pi


This sample application demonstrates how to set up a Raspberry Pi-based door lock system. The application monitors a door and sends a notification if the door is observed to be unlocked during non-standard business hours.

Industrial and Manufacturing Applications

Groundlight can be used to apply modern natural-language-based computer vision to industrial and manufacturing applications.