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· 3 min read
Sunil Kumar

We're thrilled to announce a new repository that makes it incredibly easy for anyone to get started for free with Groundlight, a computer vision (CV) platform powered by natural language. This first steps guide is designed to walk you through setting up your first Groundlight detector to answer a simple question: "Is the door open?" Behind the scenes, Groundlight will automatically train and deploy a computer vision model that can answer this question in real time. With our escalation technology, you don't need to provide any labeled data - you get answers from your first image submission.

groundlight/getting_started - GitHub

· 11 min read
Sunil Kumar

Groundlight has a Problem

Here at the Groundlight office we have a bit of a problem - sometimes we leave dirty dishes in the office sink. They pile up, and as the pile grows it becomes more and more tempting to simply add to the pile instead of cleaning it up. It was clear that the Groundlight office needed a “grime guardian” to save us from our messy selves. One day, I realized that this was the perfect problem to solve using Groundlight’s computer vision SDK. I could focus on developing the complex embedded application logic while Groundlight handled the computer vision. My design provided me with an opportunity to test out a handful of interesting design patterns, including deployment on a Raspberry Pi, multi-camera and multi-detector usage, a microservice-like architecture achieved via multithreading, and complex state handling.

The Groundlight office sink, where dishes accumulate faster than git commits.